Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hard Drive Issues and SIWL Extensions

The hard drive in my laptop (which is the only computer that I currently own and develop on at home) appears to have some bad sectors. Luckily I dual boot, and the problem is restricted to one of my partitions. However I haven't been doing much coding this weekend as I have devoted most of my computer time to fixing the issue.

My computer troubles have given me a bit of time to think about what I'm working on though. While I believe that a better GUI framework than SIWL is completely feasible and I think that such an open library is still something I'd like to put together, I think I'm going to port my layouts to SIWL and release them with my flick and StaticText code before continuing to work on the OIWL. There are applications to be created now that I don't want to wait for me.

I do wish that the SIWL design was more extensible--it would make my endeavors unneccesary.

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